Enrich data accuracy and eliminate data silos within your organization with Big Data Integration Services

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Data integration services help you combine past and real-time data from multiple sources to get a unified view data.

Every organization has a myriad of systems and data remains in various silos. As enterprise data is set to explode, decision-makers need a unified view of all types of data to get a 360-degree understanding of various business functions.

Our Big data integration services combine diverse sets of structured and unstructured data from various internal and external databases, ERP, LOB and CRM systems. Get the most up-to-date and comprehensive view of business performance.

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Revenue Performance

Know how Compass helped a leading CPG organization integrate syndicated, weather and social media data to run high-yield advertisements

How data integration services is helpful to your organization

Report Consistency
Data Accuracy

Decisions will be more accurate when you have a holistic view of reality. Combining data from different sources enriches the data accuracy and helps you take much informed decisions.

Profound Expertise
Faster Decisions

Data silos hinder decision-makers to quickly get the required information. Data integration helps them consume all types of data within a single dashboard/report and avoids the hassle of switching applications.

Reduced Dependency On Spreadsheets
Big Data Integration

A large part of big data is unstructured. Our service helps you combine traditional structured data and unstructured data from sources like digital and social media, weather, IoT, machine-generated data etc., to enhance your decision-making.

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Better Data Management

Data integration enables an efficient and hassle-free data governance by facilitating a unified and centralized system.

Data Integration
Integrating with systems

We help you integrate data from different types of systems like

1. ERP: SAP, Oracle etc.
2. CRM: Salesforce, Dynamics, HubSpot etc.
3. Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, ,Oracle, Cassandra, etc.

We help you in both on-premise and cloud data integration.

Why Compass for data integration services?

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Customized Solutions

Each organization has different business needs. With Compass you can plan and customize your data integration process according to your requirements.

Ai Powered Analytics

Domain Expertise

Acuvate is one of the leading BI and analytics solution providers, with more than 50 implementations across CPG, Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services. We are a strategic partner with some of the top BI product companies  – Microsoft, and Birst to name a few

Maintenance Support

Maintenance & Support Services

 To ensure better data management and governance, Acuvate offers you a diverse range of maintenance services after integration.

Our industry expertise


Compass is an AI-powered trade promotion optimization solution from Acuvate built exclusively for CPG and retail companies. Compass is integrated with real-time data from different influential market touch points and sources like

Internal Data: Point of sale (PoS), past promotions, marketing campaigns, primary and secondary sales

Secondary data: syndicated data, weather, search analytics, social media, TRP, location, events.

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