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Post Promotion Analysis


Compass makes measuring trade promotion effectiveness and ROI a breeze! Get an in-depth analysis of your promotion performance. Reduce dependency on spreadsheets.

  • Automate Post Promotion/Event Analysis (PPA/PEA)
  • Get promotion analysis by brand, location, SKU and time (month/year).
  • Identify high and low performing promotions for any time period.
  • 360° analysis with different metrics like ROI, sales uplift, growth, promotion investment, actual sales etc.

Data Integration and Harmonization


Integrate and harmonize key causal data that impacts your promotional outcome. Compass ticks all the 5Vs of Big Data.

  • Integrate causal data from external sources like weather, events, social media, POS, etc. Syndicated data from Nielsen, Kantar, IRI etc. with internal data of past sales and promotions.

  • Eliminate data silos and get a unified view of data.

  • Capture real-time promotion data.

  • Harness unstructured and structured data.

  • Enrich your data quality and improve promotion accuracy.

Data Integration And Harmonization
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Trade Promotion Forecasting


Compass lets you predict promotion outcome before actually running the promotions. Experience the power of predictive analytics.

  • Build what-if scenarios and forecast sales for different promotion combinations with predictive analytics.

  • Compare actual sales with predicted sales.

  • You will have the ability to define constraints like budget and time and set objective parameters such as maximize revenue, profit or volume.

Trade Promotion Optimization


Compass leverages machine learning to transform raw data into actionable insights and prescriptions. Spend less time analyzing data and more time gaining meaningful intelligence from it.

  • Experience AI–powered analysis of data.

  • Get actionable recommendations from data on running the right promotions and optimizing your trade spend.

  • Get real-time alerts, patterns and trends into your ongoing promotions’ performance.

  • Optimize trade spend with data-driven decisions.

Trade Promotion Optimization
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Faster Business Adoption


Any trade promotion optimization software requires user adoption to be successful. Acuvate simplifies data consumption and interaction to enable faster adoption among business users.

  • AI Chatbots: Get promotion data right to your messaging app via a chat with a virtual assistant.

  • Mobile-friendly data visualizations: Visualize data in the format you want to see – whether it’s a pie chart or graphs or charts.

  • Self-service analytics and reporting: Generate your own reports without any dependency on IT or MIS teams.

Seamless Integration

  • Compass integrates seamlessly with your existing TPM and ERP systems.

  • Create a centralized intelligence system by combining TPM with TPO.

  • Plan, manage, measure and optimize your trade promotions at one place.

Faster Business Adoption

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