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Acuvate’s management reporting system provide the managers with pixel-perfect organizational reports and helps them make seamless and informed decisions

An effective management reporting tool goes way beyond just pulling up information. If it doesn’t produce detailed, accurate and real-time reports, it can severely affect the accuracy of key business decisions.

Acuvate’s management reporting system generates timely and the most updated reports to help management make informed decisions. The system enables the management to implement the solutions which are in alignment with the business objectives.

How a major Consumer Goods organization increased revenue by 3% using real-time and accurate business reports generated through Acuvate’s management reporting software

Advantages of a management reporting system

Wide Range of Data

An effective management reporting tool holds a wider scope. It gives the decision makers access to a variety of critical information such as products, sales, financials, employee count etc.

Organizational Evaluation

It keeps the leader on top of ongoing trends and keeps them updated. This enables them to swiftly modify their strategies to meet their business goals.

Improved Business Decisions

The reporting system has a big role to play in making strategic business decisions. It helps the leaders in identifying prevailing issues, evaluating available solutions, implementing the most effective solution and reviewing the efficacy of implementation.

Improved Management Effectiveness

When the management is equipped with accurate and timely information, it is more responsive to business issues. Informed decisions result in successful outcomes and this leads to overall organizational effectiveness.

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Why you should consider Acuvate as your best choice for setting up a management reporting system?

Report Consistency

Each report generated by the software is detailed and accurate. All the reports follow a consistency in terms of the look and feel, tools and technology, appearance, usability and processes. Therefore, the management team gets a seamless user experience across reports.

High-quality Reports

Since an effective decision making requires a constant flow of reports, Acuvate has a dedicated support team which address data redundancy, duplication or quality issues, and keeps the information accurate, real-time and up-to-date.

On-Demand Support

To run the business effectively, there may be requirements of discrete sets of data. That’s why Acuvate provides an on-demand assistance related to generating new reports as well as updating the existing ones.

Customized Reports

Different departments need different information. Acuvate’s reporting software caters to the reporting needs across the organization’s hierarchy and presents customized reports according to the role, function, department etc.

Localization of Reports

Localization of reports not only makes the process simple and economical but also improves communication across roles, functions and departments. This means everyone can access prompt and precise information to make better decisions.

Mobile Reporting

Decision makers can access all the important KPI’s and metrics on mobile devices. You can also set alerts and collaborate on dashboards.

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