Compass helps you run profitable trade promotions by enabling accurate sales forecasting and promotion optimization

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Compass leverages AI to forecast sales uplift for the chosen promotion combinations and execute promotions better.


According to Nielsen Holdings, close to 60% of trade promotions don’t break even. A major challenge for decision-makers is the inability to predict the impact and sales uplift by different promotions. With Compass you can:
1. Build various what-if scenarios with customizable parameters like budget, location, product, price etc. and forecast sales uplift and ROI for each scenario.
2. Compare actual sales with forecasted sales.
3. Build promotion calendars.
4. Get recommendations on running the right promotion at the right time and place and for the right product. You will get the forecasted sales for each recommendation.

Compass leverages data from several influential factors, internal and external sources to increase the forecasting accuracy. This data is harnessed with AI-Powered analytics and machine learning to equip you with actionable dashboards.

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Revenue Performance

How Acuvate helped a global CPG company improved its revenue by 3% with trade promotion forecasting

How Compass helps you effectively forecast your trade promotions

Revenue Management


Compass integrates real-time big data from multiple influential internal and external data sources like weather, past promotion data, events, digital media, marketing campaigns etc.

Trade Promotion


Compass transforms data into meaningful insights with advanced analytics. It gives a crisp data-backed recommendation for running the right trade promotions based on your objective be it increased revenue, profit or volume and based on the constraints specified.

Wide Range Of Data

Actual Sales vs
Forecasted Sales

Compare actual sales with forecasted sales for a time period of your choice. Identify lost sales.
Organizational Evaluation


Forecast the ROI and sales uplift of  a promotion combination before actually running the promotion. You set the budget, promotion type, location and brand. Let Compass forecast the impact on sales in each scenario.

Why you should consider Compass as your trade promotion forecasting solution

Domain Prowess


Our experience includes 50+ BI and analytics implementation for our clients. Besides, we are a strategic partner with some leading BI firms like Microsoft, and Birst.

Advanced Dashboards


Our interactive and intuitive dashboards deliver you the reports in different easy-to-understandable formats. They also allow you to drill down on KPIs on various parameters to get a better picture of promotional performance.

Ai Powered Analytics


We work with you to understand your business needs and create customized flexible and scalable solutions based on that. We ensure that the solutions are aligned with your business objectives.
Big Data Integration

Seamless Integration with TPM systems

Compass seamlessly integrates into your existing TPM and ERP systems. You can forecast, plan, manage and optimize trade promotions within the same interface

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Results and ROI generated

3% Increase in primary sales

Increase in
primary sales

12 %Increase in secondary sales

Increase in
secondary sales

2% Increase in market share

Increase in
market share

3% Increase in Marketing ROI

Increase in
marketing ROI

5% Decrease in Marketing costs

Decrease in
marketing costs



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