Trade Promotion Optimization for Consumer Products Industry

An AI-Powered trade promotion optimization software for consumer goods companies to help run promotions that produce the maximum ROI.

Measure, Forecast, Analyze, Optimize and Repeat.
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Trade Promotion Optimization in Consumer Products Industry


40 percent of CPG trade promotion spending doesn’t drive the desired results according to Nielsen Holdings.


Trade promotions are usually run or optimized without the having a holistic view of reality resulting in low-yield promotions.

Compass is a single-suite trade promotion optimization software which leverages Big Data, Machine Learning and Advanced analytics to make data work and recommend promotions based on the constraints specified like Budget or objectives that you want to achieve like Increase Revenue, Profit, Volume etc. What if analysis helps you make decisions with a 360-degree view of reality.

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Are You Facing These Key Challenges During Trade Promotion Optimization?

Key Challenges of TPO
  • BOGO vs Half price – what should I apply and where?
  • What are the key metrics for measuring the effectiveness of my past trade promotion?
  • What is the effectiveness of my past trade promotion? Will it work again for a different product or a scenario?
  • What are my predicted sales if I keep Brand A at the base price for the next 6 months and promote Brand B for a BOGO for the next 1 month?
  • Data is stored in different siloed systems. How can I effectively leverage it?
  • Data is available in endless spreadsheets, how can I seamlessly analyze in such a scenario?
  • How to achieve a profitable promotion and pricing mix without sacrificing revenue?

Trade Promotion Optimization Software


Compass is a trade promotion solution for CPG, Food and Beverage and Fashion and Apparel manufacturers built for a sole purpose to make data work. Decision-makers often face challenges like data unavailability, lack of a powerful data analysis, what-if scenario planning enablement, forecasting abilities etc. resulting in low-yield promotions. Compass is an AI and Big Data enabled trade promotion solution with which you can

Data from multiple sources

Cleanse data silos and get insights from multiple internal and external sources

Marketing And Retail Collaboration

Measure competitor and past promotion effectiveness with the right and customizable metrics

Predictive Sales

Optimize trade promotions with a predictive forward-thinking strategy

Planned Promotions

Plan future trade promotion with a powerful what-if scenario planner

Retail Performance Analysis

Predict future sales and compare with actual sales

Actionable Insights

Get actionable recommendations, insights, trends, alerts, and anomalies in the ongoing promotions 

Retailer Performance

Get a detailed analysis of retailer performances

Campaign Roi

Learn campaign ROI, sales uplift percent for different types of promotions.

Lost Opportunities

Analyze lost opportunities

Profitable Opportunities

Get recommendations on profitable opportunities you might be unaware of

Key Capabilities of Compass


Key Capabilities of Compass

Key Capabilities of Compass

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Transform your data into actionable Business Intelligence using our interactive dashboards. Monitor and compare important metrics, KPI’s and trends from a bird’s-eye view.

Build smart reports and interactive dashboards to identify the most profitable regions and brands. Get all essential data in charts, graphs and reports to interpret complex data and transform it into a powerful analytics solution.

With dashboard reporting, organizations will be able to make data-driven business decisions from rich visualizations that combine massive data sets into a single repository.

Benefits of TPO Software

  • Maximize the value of every single dollar spent.
  • Improve collaboration with retailers.
  • Say goodbye to decision-making based on hunches and partial intelligence.
  • Decrease promotional spend and invest where it matters.
  • Get crisp insights and recommendations from data, end going through spreadsheets and enjoy a hassle-free data analysis.
  • See data as you wish to with advanced visualizations.

Trade Promotion Optimization Software - Features

Ai And Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence

Run promotions with an intelligent analysis of data

Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Detect key insights and anomalies in promotional data

Wide Range Of Data
Big Data

Capture high-quality real-time data from multiple sources

Bi Chatbots
AI Chatbots

Simplify the way you consume data and get data at fingertips

Advanced Dashboards

Forecast and create forward-thinking strategies with predictive and prescriptive analytics

Unified Data View
Advanced Data Visualizations

See data in the most convenient, understandable and advanced formats

User Friendly Functioning
User-friendly and customizable

The TPO solution is extremely user-friendly for both business and advanced users. It can be easily customizable as per your requirement

Ai Powered Analytics

You don’t have to depend on any IT or MIS team to generate custom reports

Revenue Performance

Increase revenue and margins with an intelligent Trade promotion Optimization Solution

Results and Revenue Generated

3% Increase in primary sales

Increase in
primary sales

12 %Increase in secondary sales

Increase in
secondary sales

2% Increase in market share

Increase in
market share

3% Increase in Marketing ROI

Increase in
marketing ROI

5% Decrease in Marketing costs

Decrease in
marketing costs



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