Compass BI consultants help you implement the best BI roadmap for your business and unleash the power of your organizational data

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Compass's BI consulting services focus on mitigating risks and giving you better insights into your business.

An effective business intelligence (BI) strategy makes organizational data work and unlocks its true potential. It helps your organization gain a competitive edge by improving their operational efficiency, driving revenue, reduce BI costs and delivering a superior customer experience.

Whether you’re implementing a BI system for the first time or migrating to a new system or upgrading your existing system, we guide you in building

  • A robust BI roadmap.
  • A powerful BI architecture.
  • A scalable data warehouse.

Our BI consulting and strategy services focus more on establishing a self-service BI architecture to reduce your dependency on your IT department and reduce TCO.

Our Customers Around The World

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Revenue Performance

Learn how Compass helped a Fortune 500 enterprise improve its reporting structure and reduce operational costs by optimizing its BI strategy

Our Approach to BI consulting and strategy

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Define BI Objectives

We work closely with the stakeholders in your organizations and understand their business priorities and vision. Based on that, we define a BI framework for your business goals and requirements. During the process we identify and conduct interviews with steering committee members.

Forecast Sales And Build What If Scenarios
Assess BI Capabilities

We assess your BI environment in terms of existing processes, technology, talent, architecture etc., and identify the gaps. Based on the findings and business requirements, we recommend the right technology, data and systems for achieving the BI vision.

Plan BI Strategy

Based on our assessment, we create a BI strategy and check if your existing BI architecture can be optimized. We create short, medium and long-term goals based on your business requirements. We Identify resources required at each stage of the project.

Data Integration
DW Enhancement

We help you build customized data lake and data marts to effectively facilitate data integration from multiple sources and enable a unified and secure data warehouse.

Localization Of Reports
Reporting Platform

We build a customized reporting platform and give a detailed summary of the current state of your BI and analytics capabilities.

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Performance Overview for CXOs

Our BI consultants help the CXOs and top management track desired KPIs to get a holistic view of the organizational performance.

Why you should choose Compass as your BI Consultant

Advanced Dashboards

Customized Solutions

Whether you are a first-time BI user, looking to enhance your current system planning to migrate to a new system, Compass offers customized BI consulting services for your unique business needs.

Domain Prowess

Domain Expertise

We have worked with several Fortune 500 companies and SMBs and implemented a wide range of 50 BI and analytics solutions for our clients. Besides, we are a strategic partner with some top BI solution providers. We have profound expertise in working with BI platforms like Azure (Data Lake, SQL DWH, Data Factory, Machine Learning, Analysis Services) and various visualization tools.

Customer Experience

End-to-end Services

Our BI consultants are experts in crafting just the right solution for your BI needs and provide support at every stage of the implementation process.

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Acuvate’s Compass is a trade promotion optimization solution built for CPG and retail companies. We provide BI and trade promotion consulting services to help companies measure and profitably optimize their trade promotions.

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