Compass BI consultants help you implement the best BI roadmap for your business and unleash the power of your organizational data

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Compass's BI consulting services focus on mitigating risks and giving you better insights into your business.

An effective business intelligence (BI) strategy makes organizational data work and unlocks its true potential. It helps your organization gain a competitive edge by improving their operational efficiency, driving revenue, reduce BI costs and delivering a superior customer experience.

Whether you’re implementing a BI system for the first time or migrating to a new system or upgrading your existing system, we guide you in building

  • A robust BI roadmap.
  • A powerful BI architecture.
  • A scalable data warehouse.

Our BI consulting and strategy services focus more on establishing a self-service BI architecture to reduce your dependency on your IT department and reduce TCO.

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Learn how Compass helped a Fortune 500 enterprise improve its reporting structure and reduce operational costs by optimizing its BI strategy

Our Approach to BI consulting and strategy