How is AI Revolutionizing The CPG Business
Artificial Intelligence offers a myriad of opportunities, use cases and automations for the 21st century enterprise. The fast-moving and disruptive environment of the CPG business demands the usage of modern technologies in order for companies to stay relevant. While the use cases of AI range across industries, this eBook is personalized for CPG business and IT leaders and highlights practical AI applications in the current industry scenario.
The intelligent Guide to solving your intranet adoption issues
Since the launch of the world’s first intranet – intranet genie, intranets have undergone radical changes. They have essentially revolutionized internal communications of an organization. However with time, organizations have failed to realize the full potential of an intranet.
A Guide to choosing an Enterprise BOT Builder Platform

Last year at the Microsoft build developers conference, CEO Satya Nadella delivered a three-hour keynote in which he shared his vision of the future – one that is underscored by chatbots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.