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Trade promotions consume more than 20 percent of organizational revenue for the consumer-facing business. Yet, most of the promotion spend doesn’t deliver the desired ROI. Retail sales data grows at an unprecedented rate from multiple data sources and often remains underutilized. Compass’s Sales Analytics solution for Retail helps you convert this data into meaningful recommendations and forecasts for a higher primary and secondary sales.

We help you integrate data from various external and internal sources and leverage big data analytics for gleaning actionable insights.

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Learn how Compass helped a Fortune 500 Retail organization leverage BI services and analytics to drive revenue

Increase Retail Sales With Big Data Analytics


Decision-makers in the retail industry need to go through and analyze numerous types of data in siloed systems for building sales strategies. This process is tedious and humanly not possible on a regular basis. Our advanced analytics software separates the wheat from the chaff to help you…