Weather Analytics For Retail and Consumer Goods Companies

Leverage weather data to run better trade promotions, forecast demand, understand consumer behaviour, personalize marketing campaigns and boost sales.

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Weather Analytics For Retail and CPG companies


Weather is one of the most important external influencing factor impacting CPG and retail sales. Consumer demand and behaviour change significantly due to weather alterations. With Acuvate’s Compass, you can leverage weather intelligence to improve the accuracy of your decision-making. Our solution helps you not only integrate weather data but also transform the data into actionable insights with advanced analytics.

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Learn how Compass helped a global CPG organization leverage weather data and analytics to increase market share by 2%

The Impact of Weather on Retail and CPG sales


Weather affects a myriad of processes within any consumer-facing business, but weather data often remains unharnessed by most retail organizations. Consumer preferences differ due to sudden or seasonal change of atmospheric conditions impacting the buying behaviour. With weather data and analytics, you can…