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Maximize your value from Power BI with a Microsoft Gold Certified Consulting and Implementation partner.

Power Bi With A Microsoft Gold Certified Consulting And Implementation Partner

Plan, implement, maintain and adopt a robust Power BI environment.


Power BI is a great tool to meet your business intelligence and data visualization needs.
However, any technology is only as good as its implementation and usage.

Acuvate’s Power BI consulting and implementation services help you make the most out of your data by helping you strategize, establish and manage a robust Power BI ecosystem. We provide end-to-end Data & AI consulting and implementation services. From analytics, reporting, to dashboarding, we help our customers solve any Data & AI challenge.

As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we have several years of experience in implementing custom PowerBI solutions to a range of industries and functions. Our certified Power BI consultants also train your staff on the tool’s functioning and help drive user adoption.

Revenue Performance

Learn how our BI services for FMCG helped a British multinational consumer goods company save costs on report generation, improve productivity and increase revenues.

How our Power BI services help your business

Harnessing The Data Power V1

Harnessing the Data Power

Our Power BI experts guide you on how to extract data from various internal and external sources and analyze it to obtain actionable insights and craft data-driven strategies.

Focus On Strategic Tasks

Focus on strategic tasks

With a Power BI implementation partner, you can have access to a wide range of resources on-demand. You can focus on your core business operations while leaving the technology aspects and heavy lifting to our experts.

Getting It Right The First Time

Getting it right the first time

Without the right guidance from an experienced partner, your implementation could become cost-intensive and challenging. With our in-depth technical knowledge, we help our clients deploy the software seamlessly and in line with their technical and integration requirements.

Rich Visualizations

Rich Visualizations

We provide you with pixel-perfect reports and interactive dashboards specific to your business needs.

Information Sharing

Information Sharing

With Acuvate Power BI services, you can make it easy to share insights across the organization through a unified interface and increase user adoption across departments.

Faster Decision Making

Faster Decision-Making

We help you implement a strong Power BI ecosystem so that you can make more informed, data-driven decisions in a faster and agile manner.

Our Customers Around The World

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Why you should choose Acuvate as your
Power BI consulting and implementation partner

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Our expertise is backed by our experience in 100+ Data and analytics consulting and implementation projects. Additionally, we are a strategic partner with some top BI solution providers including Microsoft, Birst, and Qlik.

Strong Partnership With Microsoft

Strong Partnership With Microsoft

Our Power BI consultants are certified by Microsoft and fully understand the technical know-how of the solution. Our strong association with Microsoft enables us to stay competent and quickly update ourselves with the latest capabilities and features of Power BI.

Functional And Industry Expertise

Functional and Industry Expertise

We have helped clients implement Power BI for a variety of functional and industrial use cases. We not only understand your project’s technical requirements but also have the business acumen needed for successful delivery.   We’ve successfully delivered Power BI solutions for:

  • Functions: HR, finance, marketing, sales, supply chain, operations, revenue management, etc.
  • Industries: CPG, oil and gas, BFSI, manufacturing, telecom, media, retail, healthcare, marketing and advertising, and many more!
End To End Consulting And Implementation

End-to-end consulting and implementation

We help our customers throughout the Power BI implementation life cycle – right from consulting to adoption. We ensure you fully leverage every aspect of Power BI – advanced analytics, accurate reporting, and intuitive visualizations.



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