Chatbots are a disruption waiting to happen in the enterprise collaboration space, providing plenty of opportunities and compelling business benefits.

In our view, chatbots are an exciting new trend in the technology ecosystem which is slowly becoming relevant in the enterprises. Chatbots are considered the apps of voice interfaces. We are predicting that most of the enterprise will adopt chatbot platforms in the near future.

The global market for smart virtual personal assistants/chatbots is growing exponentially. What was valued at $113 million in 2015, according to Transparency Market Research Inc., is expected to reach $994.5 million by 2024!

In an enterprise, most employees follow a general routine with their daily tasks, no matter the nature of the job. Once integrated with their individual’s work machine, chatbot application can carry out routine tasks with simple instructions.

We at Acuvate believe that chatbots are getting more influential in day-to-day activities and are changing the dynamics of organizational collaboration and communication.

To detail our experience, we have joined forces with Vengresso and came up with a podcast on “How Chatbots Can Make Life Easier for Marketing & Sales Employees.”

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