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Experience the ease and flexibility of combining data, residing in different sources in a unified view.

We integrate the various systems in an organization ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, Navision etc. CRM systems like Sales Force, Dynamics etc. and databases like SQL Server, MY SQL, Oracle etc. for data integration for data inter-operability between various systems and data warehouse Projects.

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  • There are myriad systems in the enterprise and data is present in various silos.
  • Inter-dependency on data which is present in one application to another application.
  • Consolidation of Retail POS data into a single instance.
  • Data Sync Framework almost real-time integration of data from various instance to a single instance.
  • Building of ETL packages using SQL Server Integration Services to synchronize data from one system to another.
  • Integration of Data from ERP like SAP, Oracle to various systems for Business Processes and Business Intelligence.
  • Integration of data from database like Oracle, MY SQL etc., Into SQL Server.
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