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Provide you with analytics that help you be informed about your human capital. 
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Applying analytics to almost every business decision and HR is no exception. HR analytics can help you with new ways of approaching HR related questions, from recruitment to utilization to development to retention, attrition and beyond. Make most important decisions relating to your workforce by applying analytics to them.

Salient Features

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Integrated with LOB

Pre-built dashboards and reports

Can be customized to specific needs

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Technologies Used

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microsoft o365

MS Excel

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Power Pivot

SQL server

SQL Server

Our Customers Around The World

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Suitable For

  • Manufacturing
  • FMCG
  • BFSI

Return on Investment

  • Automated Reports for analysis
  • Getting near real time data
  • Availability of reports and drill down in offline mode
  • Eliminates downtime and saves cost

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