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Helpdesk requests are usually ‘basic’ or ‘simple’ questions that take a lot of time to answer, hence missing SLAs. Acuvate’s IT helpdesk bot takes care of these simpler questions and allows IT service desk agents to focus on more complex queries, therefore saving time and cost while greatly improving support efficiency. Our IT Helpdesk Bot uses machine learning to learn answers to repetitive support requests and improves the speed of your helpdesk over time.

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IT Helpdesk Bot Features

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Incident Management

  • Incident notifications
  • Incident creation
  • Submit change requests
  • New change request notifications
  • Task notifications and notes

Outage Management

  • Sends outage alerts to affected users
  • Displays real time outages
  • Sends outage reports

Security Management

  • Reset passwords for devices and network and generate tokens
  • Disable, wipe or suspend device
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Real-Time Alerts

  • Access request notifications
  • Asset request notifications
  • Outage alerts
  • Authentication alerts

Benefits Of IT Helpdesk

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Responses at Light Speed


Eliminate Calls


Seamless Integration


24X7 Availability


Real-Time Alerts


Enterprise level security


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Reimagine an IT Helpdesk Service Management with Chatbots! Bots come with prebuilt connectors to existing IT help-desk software to surface data and operations intelligently across existing applications to the end-users.

Our Botvarsity

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Scale your sales operations and support efforts using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based chatbot - SIA

  • Virtually assisting round the clock
  • Immediate, easy and anywhere access to data
  • All needed information at fingertips
  • Proactive alerts to sales teams
  • Near real-time information connected to DWH/LOB/CRM systems

Mitigate intranet adoption challenges and empower your employees to optimally utilize the intranet with SharePoint based intranet bot - MeshBOT.

  • Automate Tasks
  • Consultative Interaction
  • Personalized User Experience
  • Timely Updates
  • Access To Organizational News And Announcements

Want to deploy your own enterprise Bots ?

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BotCore is an enterprise bot builder platform and tool set using which enterprises can train and deploy chatbots for their organization. Create, develop, manage, and rapidly deploy enterprise bots using BotCore.

Acuvate’s IT Helpdesk bot, a new member of the IT support team helps people with support requests and quick resolutions. It instantly performs the most common or cumbersome tasks with quicker turn around time and ease. Our IT Helpdesk BOT frees up time of your critical resources as they can stay focused on work that adds value, rather than answering repetitive questions. It increases employee engagement and productivity as useful information is just a chat away.


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