Control Unwanted Decibels and Deliver Community Well-Being with Acuvate’s Vehicle Noise Detection Solution – Anois Admin February 21, 2023

Control Unwanted Decibels and Deliver Community Well-Being with

Acuvate’s Vehicle Noise Detection Solution - Anois

An AI/ML Solution with real time video data analytics to empower SLG organizations identify & penalize vehicular noise offenders and improve citizen’s lives.

40 million – that’s how many US adults have suffered hearing loss
due to noise pollution.

No two ways about it – noise pollution is an insidious environmental hazard. It hampers your community’s health and well-being every day. Excessive noise due to increasing traffic and illegal muffler modifications remains a primary contributor.

Hypertension, sleep disturbance, hearing loss, and high chronic annoyance – just some of the significant health concerns due to increasing vehicular noise pollution on roadways.

What are you doing about it?

Enter Acuvate's Anois: A one-stop solution to detect increased noise levels, penalize violators, and protect your citizens from chronic health hazards

Anois (Artificial Intelligence Noise Offense Identification Solution) is a citizen-facing AI & ML, IoT, & data analytics solution built jointly by Acuvate to empower public authorities to identify noise violators and take instant action.

By accelerating and digitizing the validation process with video evidence, Anois empowers SLG authorities to extract city administration-level violator-violation information and identify repeat offenders. The solution extracts information about the type of vehicle and the violation and generates a clear complaint ticket, eliminating manual effort for viewing videos, resolving complaints faster, and saving the department cash.

Acuvate Anois solution

Take instant action against violators. Protect citizen well-being. Smartly and efficiently with Anois.

Your communities are safer with Anois

Anois is built to be your partner in the fight against noise pollution.

Leverage the collective benefits of the state-of-the-art AI & ML, IoT, cognitive search, audio & acoustics, and data & analytics capabilities.

Achieve evidence-based complaint recording for quick redressal with competitive advantages

Potential revenue gains between ~ 12M – 30M

Overall cost saving ~ 6M by saving 400 person-days/year on video evidence reviews

Intelligent cognitive tool to identify and analyze noise-polluting vehicles

Automated data validation and checking of violation

Smooth integration with CRM and external LOB systems

Instant resolution of pollution complaints and violations

Dashboard and analytics for easy access to operational and impact insights

Reduce noise pollution & create a more sustainable environment for citizens

Revenue (from Fines) gains for the city’s environmental protection and enforcement agencies

A public organization in the world’s largest city achieved 12x cost savings per violation, reduced analysis time from 30 minutes to 3 minutes, and boosted fine revenues by USD 60 million.

Protecting your citizen's well-being is easier than you think.

Learn more about Anois – your partner in the battle against vehicular noise pollution.

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