By 2030, 48% of employees will work remotely, compared to 30% pre-COVID-19
– Gartner

As remote work has become a global phenomenon amidst the new normal, technology leaders are encountering challenges at an incredibly large scale. In a world of ambiguity and constant change, technology and tools supporting the change makes a key difference.

And moving forward, especially with the digitization in business, a cloud-based remote workforce will be the operational foundation. 

With an ever increasing scale of remote office, tools that ensure smooth functioning and assistance in executing daily tasks stand key.

Join this webinar to know:

  • How to maximize remote work productivity
  • Essential cloud workplace tools needed and
  • How best AI and collaboration tools simplifying remote co-working barriers

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    Essential Apps For Enterprises in The New Normal

    Mitigate immediate challenges to adjust to new virtual/physical hybrid way of working

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