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Overcoming common trade promotion optimization challenges with AI

Close to 60% of trade promotions globally don’t break even – Nielsen Holdings


Trade promotion spending takes up a lion’s share of the organizational revenue in consumer Goods and retail businesses. However, companies have always struggled in optimizing their promotion mix for getting the maximum bang for the buck.

Challenges range from heavy reliance on spreadsheets, dependency on IT or MIS teams, inability to leverage data and measure trade promotion effectiveness and so on.

With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and related technologies, it is now possible to powerfully harness data and get a high-yield promotion mix.

A 5% improvement on Trade Promotion ROI will improve the top line by 10% and operating margins by 3-5%.

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  • The importance of TPO and its impact on the overall revenue

  • Common trade promotion optimization challenges

  • Drawbacks of using spreadsheets for promotion effectiveness measurement

  • How Artificial Intelligence is transforming TPO?

  • How you can make AI-powered TPO accessible to business users?

  • How to cleanse and enrich your promotion data?

  • A quick demo of Acuvate’s AI-Powered TPO solution – Compass

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On-demand Webinar
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