Workplace Management Suite

A quick 1 – 2 weeks deployment to ensure social distancing norms and easily manage office real estate

workplace management suite

Challenges During Crisis

Operational Continuity

Maintaining Social Distancing

Admin Management Of Real Estate

Employee Collaboration

Gartner Business Continuity Survey Shows “As organizations prepare for the return to work, one thing is very clear: social distancing will be a workplace reality for an extended period. More than 80% of real estate leaders project 12-18 months (or more) of social distancing in the workplace.”

Workplace Management Suite


  • Available on multiple channels mobile, Teams & standalone application.
  • Set workflows for both auto and manual allocation of seats. Manually allocate in case of conflicts.
  • Add shifts for “assembly-line workers”.
  • Integrate with your existing floor plans.
  • Extract operational CXO dashboards like attendance, space utilization & survey data.
  • Add Crisis Management Suite to extract data on daily health checks, FAQ’s, COVID & company related updates, Incentives etc.
  • Using the admin console, manual slot booking, read QR code E-Pass, etc can be well executed ensuring contactless entry. QR code reader is built into the admin app.
  • E-Pass is generated in the form of QR code which is available on the app and sent as notification. 

A Simple & Effective Workflow


Enter Request

Employee uses the Power Apps on phone/teams, etc., to raise a request for reentering to office.


Choose Time slot

Employees can either choose full day or half day entry and choose the relevant time slot with floor/room preferences if any.


Generate E-Pass

Once the request is submitted, an E-pass QR code is generated which is available on the users booking tab and notification is sent by email & teams


Admin Scrutiny

The admins/security personnel use the Admin Office Space app to scan the E-Pass QR code to validate and record basic health check (like temperature reading) using the crisis communication app.


Seat Allocation

Auto seat allocation is facilitated effectively with the integration of floor plans. However, admins can manually allocate the seats if there is a clash in auto allocation.


Measure Effectiveness

Enhance the operational effectiveness with the help of dashboard visualizations. Easily track the attendance, employee pulse, etc via reports and dashboards.

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