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Understand consumer behaviour, forecast demand, run data-driven sales promotions and marketing campaigns. Transform data into increased revenue!

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Data is the new oil! Driving sales and revenue in the Food and beverage industry depends on numerous influencing factors. Companies generate humongous amounts of data from different sources and this often remains under-leveraged. Critical decision-making is based on gut or partial intelligence.

Our big data analytics solution helps decision-makers transform this data into meaningful insights and recommendations in the areas of

  1. Trade promotion optimization.
  2. Running a marketing campaign.
  3. Demand forecasting.
  4. Identifying new growth opportunities.
  5. Reducing OTIF losses and achieving MSL compliance.

Our Customers Around The World

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Take profitable decisions with Big Data Analytics!

Report Consistency
Uncover Growth Opportunities
  • Discover new product and market segments.
  • Leverage data and analytics to uncover new growth opportunities.
Maximize Trade Promotion Roi Icon
Increase Marketing Campaign Effectiveness
  • Learn which type of campaigns are delivering a high ROI.
  • Optimize spend based on the BCG matrix.
  • Get recommendations for the best campaign to run.
Reduced Dependency On Spreadsheets
Improve Operational Efficiencies
  • Reduce OTIF losses by detecting the right cause.
  • Achieve MSL compliance.
  • Forecast the losses due to non-compliance.
Forcast Sales
Forecast Sales
  • Predict sales by time, brand, and location.
  • Compare primary, secondary and point of sales.
  • Compare actual sales with predicted sales.
Localization Of Reports
Build What-if Scenarios
  • Get an estimate of expected ROI before running promotions and campaigns.
  • Customize price and promotion metrics and values to build different scenarios.
Optimize Inventory And In Store Assortment
Optimize Trade Promotions
  • Measure trade promotion effectiveness.
  • Invest the right resources for the right promotion at the right time.
  • Get recommendations for running high-yield promotions.



Transform your data into actionable Business Intelligence using our interactive dashboards. Monitor and compare important metrics, KPI’s and trends from a bird’s-eye view.

Build smart reports and interactive dashboards to identify the most profitable regions and brands. Get all essential data in charts, graphs and reports to interpret complex data and transform it into a powerful analytics solution.

With dashboard reporting, organizations will be able to make data-driven business decisions from rich visualizations that combine massive data sets into a single repository.

Our Approach to Big Data Analytics for The Food and Beverage Industry

Weather Data Integration

Data Integration and Cleansing

Accuracy in analysis can be increased when data is taken from multiple internal and external sources. We integrate past, real-time and forecasted data from traditional and big data sources like weather, events, social media, POS etc.

Ai And Machine Learning

AI-Powered Analytics & Machine Learning

We use advanced analytics and machine learning to transform data into meaningful insights. Machine learning helps you uncover hidden patterns, sales trends, and alerts from the data.

Advanced Dashboards

Customizable parameters

Identify best promos for given constraints and for desired parameters. Customize metrics based on your needs.

User Friendly

Easy-to-use interface

In a typical scenario, decision-makers can’t analyze all the available data as it is not presented in the right form. Our solution provides an easy-to-use interface and customizable advanced visualizations for business users.

Revenue Performance

Learn how Acuvate helped a Fortune 500 Food and Beverage company leverage big data analytics to increase market share by 2%

How it works?

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Results our clients witnessed

3% Increase in primary sales

Increase in
primary sales

12 %Increase in secondary sales

Increase in
secondary sales

2% Increase in market share

Increase in
market share

3% Increase in Marketing ROI

Increase in
marketing ROI

5% Decrease in Marketing costs

Decrease in
marketing costs

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