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Are you facing challenges in capturing, managing or leveraging your existing data? Acuvate’s AI-Powered BI services help you harness data to reduce costs and drive revenue

Insight-driven decision-making is a constant aspiration for any organization. But solving data-related challenges is never straightforward. From consulting, strategy, development to support, Acuvate provides end-to-end Business Intelligence services. We also leverage advanced machine learning algorithms for harnessing data to give deeper insights and recommendations.

Everything we do is to help you unlock the value of data and create a culture of analytics. Where to start is up to you.

Learn how Compass helped a global CPG organization leverage weather data and analytics to increase market share by 2%

Customized Business Intelligence Services to match your needs

BI projects are never the same for every organization. One size doesn’t fit all. In all our 100+ BI implementations, we have customized our offerings into an individualized high-value suite for each of our customers.

AI and
Machine learning

We use advanced machine learning algorithms to harness unstructured data from social media, weather, search analytics etc. to uncover key trends and insights and give recommendations.

BI Consulting and

Our BI strategy follows 3 steps – Define, Assess and Plan. We ensure your BI roadmaps align with your business vision and plan for optimization.

Master Data
Governance Solutions

We ensure your master data is of high quality with no errors. Improve data quality by eliminating redundancies and wrong entries.


We provide timely reports and interactive dashboards which are customizable for different business users

Report Factory and

Get pixel-perfect reports localized for various locations and languages. Our report factory model helps you create new reports or make changes to your existing ones.


Transform raw data into meaningful insights with predictive and prescriptive analytics. Get actionable recommendations, forecasts and trends from your data.

Business Intelligence

Stop depending on your IT and MIS teams for generating reports. Enable business users to build customizable reports in the shortest time.


Is your data fragmented and spread across differents systems? We help you get a unified view and integrate your data lake with multiple internal and external sources.

Business Intelligence

Simplify the way you consume data and analytics by integrating chatbots with your BI systems.

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Our Industry Expertise

Compass is a custom AI and machine learning enabled Business Intelligence suite created for Retail and Consumer Good Businesses to increase margins and profitability with data.


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Increase in primary sales by 3% and secondary sales by 12%

Increase in Marketing ROI
by 3%

Increase in market share
by 2%

Decrease in Marketing costs
by 5%

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