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Consumer Goods businesses face numerous challenges for driving a strategic long-term growth. Compass offers a unique set of technological offerings to accelerate your growth and manage revenue better.

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Major Challenges for a CPG Business

  • Huge marketing budget but inability to optimize the spend profitably
  • Lack of marketing personalization
  • Unable to detect new market and product segments
  • Running low-yield advertising campaigns with less to no sales uplift
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Revenue Management
  • Huge trade promotion budget but inability to optimize the spend profitably.
  • Spending more time analyzing data and less time gaining insights
  • Data not available in proper shape and form
  • Inaccuracy in decision-making
Forcast Sales
  • Inaccurate sales forecasting
  • Low-yield trade promotions
  • Out-of-stock situations
  • OTIF losses
To overcome these challenges, Acuvate’s Compass offers a unique blend of solutions and services around business intelligence, digital technologies and everything in between. Our primary motto is to enhance decision-making and drive revenue.

Our Customers Around The World

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Our BI Offerings for the CPG Industry


Post Promotion

Measure the effectiveness of your trade promotions and understand the sales uplift and ROI. Learn what’s working and what’s not.

Trade Promotion Optimization Software

Forecast sales and optimize our trade spend profitably and invest in the right promotions. Our AI-Powered TPO software helps you maximize the value of every dollar spent.

Marketing and Advertising Analytics

Leverage data analytics to run high-yield and personalized marketing and advertising campaigns. Invest in the right channels (TV, social media, Radio etc.) and predict sales for each campaign.


Are you spending too much on purchasing data from data brokers? Maximize your ROI with Acuvate’s Nielsen analytics.


Weather plays a key role in impacting CPG sales and demand of products. We help you harness past, current and future weather data to run better marketing and sales campaigns.


Get actionable recommendations for promotions, sales, forecast and insights from your data with predictive and prescriptive analytics


We help you integrate data from multiple internal and external sources to improve the accuracy of your decision-making.

Report Factory and

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and use our pixel-perfect and customizable reports specific to your needs.


Compass allows you to build complex data warehouses with both unstructured and structured data

Revenue Performance

Learn how Compass helped a global CPG organization leverage weather data and analytics to increase market share by 2%

Our Digital Offerings for the CPG Industry

Chatbot Assistance


AI-Powered chatbots for BI systems, intranets, sales and marketing teams.

Planned Promotions

Idea Management Application

AI-Powered chatbots for BI systems, intranets, sales and marketing teams.

Advanced Dashboards

Business Process Management

AI-Powered chatbots for BI systems, intranets, sales and marketing teams.

Application Lifecycle Management

Application Lifecycle Management

AI-Powered chatbots for BI systems, intranets, sales and marketing teams.

How It Works?


Our Exclusive Ebooks


Driving Marketing Efficiency In The Consumer Goods Business With Advanced Analytics


How an AI-Powered TPO Software can improve CPG Revenue Margins by 2%


A CPG Revenue Management Officer’s Guide To Big Data and Advanced Analytics


How Is Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing The CPG Business

Results our clients witnessed

3% Increase in primary sales

Increase in
primary sales

12 %Increase in secondary sales

Increase in
secondary sales

2% Increase in market share

Increase in
market share

3% Increase in Marketing ROI

Increase in
marketing ROI

5% Decrease in Marketing costs

Decrease in
marketing costs

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