Acuvate’s demand forecasting system helps you avoid stock outs and reduce lost sales

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Let there be no stock outs or lost sales! Experience the power of data and AI powered demand forecasting system

"47% of OOS occurs due to inaccurate demand forecasting" - P&G

Several consumer goods companies often run into out-of-stock situations due to inaccurate demand forecasting. This can result in customer disappointment and lost sales opportunities, amounting to a significant loss of revenue to the business.
Acuvate’s demand forecasting system integrates data from various influential data sources, such as POS, events, weather, past sales, social media etc. This data is harnessed with machine learning and AI-powered analytics for a highly accurate demand forecasting.
We help you track KPIs like Predicted Sales, MSL compliance, OTIF losses, Perfect Store etc, to prevent stock outs, reduce lost sales and improve operational efficiencies.

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How Compass helped a global CPG organization eliminate stockout situations and increase revenue by 3% by using an AI-Powered demand forecasting system

How Our Demand Forecasting Software Benefits Your Business