Acuvate’s demand forecasting system helps you avoid stock outs and reduce lost sales

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Let there be no stock outs or lost sales! Experience the power of data and AI powered demand forecasting system

"47% of OOS occurs due to inaccurate demand forecasting" - P&G

Several consumer goods companies often run into out-of-stock situations due to inaccurate demand forecasting. This can result in customer disappointment and lost sales opportunities, amounting to a significant loss of revenue to the business.
Acuvate’s demand forecasting system integrates data from various influential data sources, such as POS, events, weather, past sales, social media etc. This data is harnessed with machine learning and AI-powered analytics for a highly accurate demand forecasting.
We help you track KPIs like Predicted Sales, MSL compliance, OTIF losses, Perfect Store etc, to prevent stock outs, reduce lost sales and improve operational efficiencies.

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How Compass helped a global CPG organization eliminate stockout situations and increase revenue by 3% by using an AI-Powered demand forecasting system

How Our Demand Forecasting Software Benefits Your Business

Data Integration And Harmonization
Data Integration

Buying behavior is influenced by several external environmental, event and weather factors. An effective demand forecasting software should be fed with and harness different types of data for an accurate forecasting. We help in identifying the drivers for sales and integrating both structured and unstructured data from various external and internal sources. We also help in creating a Data Lake and also ensuring data quality.

Forcast Sales
Forecast Sales

Our demand forecasting system forecasts sales for different locations, brands, retailers etc. It does this by integrating the data points which are the drivers of product sales and combines both internal data like Sales, Promotions, Campaigns with External data like Syndicated Data, POS, Weather and others. Based on the forecasted sales and past sales you can optimize inventory and MSL for every retailer at a product level.

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Forecast OTIF Losses

Every manufacturer strives to ensure that all orders are received On-Time and In-Full (OTIF). But due to various operational inefficiencies orders can’t be serviced desirably. We help you

  • Improve OTIF losses by detecting the exact reasons for the loss.
  • Forecast OTIF losses based on the predicted sales, actual and secondary sales.
MSL Compliance

MSL (Must-Stock List) compliance is the number of SKUs that must be present for every class/category of retail outlets. We help you track MSL for every brand, location, and channel to prevent stockouts and increase sales.

Real-time Alerts and Recommendations

The solution sends out an advanced stockout alert and recommends quantities to reorder. It also updates you on any variance in the forecast and helps you make required adjustments.

How Our Demand Forecasting Software Benefits Your Business

Domain Prowess

Trusted Partnership

We are a strategic partner with some of the top BI firms like Microsoft, and Birst. So far, we have implemented several BI and analytics solutions for CPG and retail firms and help them fix stockout challenge for many large companies.

Wide Range Of Data

Intelligent Reports and Alerts

We enable decision-makers to track important KPIs by giving them interactive dashboards with advanced data visualizations. Sales teams get alerted on stock out situations and non compliance of must stock list allowing them to take proactive decisions.



We provide you with future-ready software solutions. You can easily scale them to analyze large volumes of data and get actionable insights into product demand.

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Maintenance and Support

Our maintenance and support services ensure that your demand forecasting tools continue to run with the same efficiency and provide you with a seamless assistance.

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