Retail Business Intelligence Solutions Powered by AI

Unlock the power of data to boost sales and revenue. Run intelligent trade promotions and marketing campaigns with Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Solutions for Retail Industry

With Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated every day, one of the major challenges for retailers is to make this data useful and work. Compass’ BI and analytics for retail industry module comprises of a diverse set of solutions and services to ensure you are leveraging data for decision-making.

From strategy setting to data integration to AI-Powered analytics, we provide a unique and customizable blend of offerings to match your needs. Where to start is up to you.

Retail Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions
Our Offerings

We believe in the motto of “making data actionable”. Everything we do is to help you become an analytical competitor and remould data into better sales and increase revenue. The below offerings are the most powerful as a suite but equally effective as separate entities.

Data Integration Services

Advanced Analytics

Report Factory & Support

Database Services

Self-Service BI

Mobile BI

AI Chatbots

Retail BI and Analytics Solutions
Key Differentiators

Retailers produce large amounts of data every second from multiple sources and most of this data is not harnessed effectively. Added to this most of this data is unstructured. Traditional retail BI and analytics software don’t support extensive capturing and processing of this data.

Some retailers are still dependant on spreadsheets and excel for key decision-making on trade promotions and marketing campaigns.

Compass leverages Big Data and AI technologies to not only capture real-time structured and unstructured data but also transforms it into meaningful insights.

Big Data Integration

Capture data from multiple sources like POS, digital and social media, weather, events, past and competitor promotions etc.

AI-Powered Analytics

Advanced analytics like predictive and prescriptive analytics forecast recommend you what to do next by processing the data feeded.

Machine Learning

Discover hidden growth opportunities and trends in data.

BI chatbots

Our Business Intelligence chatbots for retail industry are enabled with AI and bring data straight to your messaging app. All you need to do is ask!

User-Friendly Functioning

Say goodbye to spreadsheets! Our retail BI and analytics are easy to use, navigate and drill-down. See data as you wish to see with advanced visualizations.

Unified Data View

Data available in siloed systems in another challenge for retailers. With Compass, you can get a single window view of all the different types of data.

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Retail Business Intelligence and Analytics Solutions


  • Run the right campaigns at the right time and place and for the right category, brand.
  • Invest the right amount for each campaign
  • Discover new market and product segments
  • Leverage data from digital and social media


  • Measure trade promotion effectiveness
  • Never go out of stock
  • Detect OTIF losses and MSL non-compliance
  • Optimize trade promotions better
  • Understand how events and weather will affect sales
  • Identify sales performance at a store level to identify areas of improvement to increase sales.

Revenue management

  • Build what-if scenarios
  • Find growth opportunities
  • Build data-driven strategies
  • Spend less time analyzing data
  • Analyze store specific performance based on sales, promotions and expenses to improve revenue and margins.

How it works?

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Results our clients witnessed

Increase in primary sales by 3% and secondary sales by 12%

Increase in Marketing ROI
by 3%

Increase in market share
by 2%

Decrease in Marketing costs
by 5%

Who we work with?

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