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Unlock the power of data to boost sales and revenue. Run intelligent trade promotions and marketing campaigns with Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

Retail Business Intelligence Solution
Retail Industry

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics Solutions for Retail Industry

With Over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated every day, one of the major challenges for retailers is to make this data useful and work. Compass BI and analytics for retail industry module comprises of a diverse set of solutions and services to ensure you are leveraging data for decision-making.

From strategy setting to data integration to AI-Powered analytics, we provide a unique and customizable blend of offerings to match your needs. Where to start is up to you

Our Retail BI Offerings


We believe in the motto of “making data actionable”. Everything we do is to help you become an analytical competitor and remould data into better sales and increase revenue. The below offerings are the most powerful as a suite but equally effective as separate entities.

Weather Data Integration

Data Integration

Advanced Dashboards


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Report Factory &

Data Quality And Governance


Ai Powered Analytics

Self-Service BI

Mobile Bi

Mobile BI

Bi Chatbots

AI Chatbots

Key Differentiators


Retailers produce large amounts of data every second from multiple sources and most of this data is not harnessed effectively. Added to this most of this data is unstructured. Traditional retail BI and analytics software don’t support extensive capturing and processing of this data.
Some retailers are still dependant on spreadsheets and excel for key decision-making on trade promotions and marketing campaigns.

Compass leverages Big Data and AI technologies to not only capture real-time structured and unstructured data but also transforms it into meaningful insights.