Self-Service BI services to accelerate your reporting and decision-making processes without any dependency on IT teams.

Reduce your dependency on IT or MIS teams or data scientists to update or generate new reports with self-service business intelligence

Traditional BI systems keep the IT department inundated with numerous user requests for generating or updating reports, leaving them little time to focus on core tasks. Moreover, IT teams consume a lot of person-hours as employees wait for the required reports.

CIOs and chief data officers implementing traditional BI systems have realized the need to let business users build their own flexible and custom reports and dashboards implementing a Bi-Modal BI strategy.

Acuvate’s self-service BI services help business users make effective fact-based business decisions with timely, flexible and up-to-date reports.

Using technologies like Birst, Power BI, Qlik Sense and Tableau, we democratize BI and help organizations implement the right self-service BI strategy. This empowers business users to make the right decisions driven by right information at right time.

How Acuvate helped a major CPG firm in implementing a Power BI self-service solution and enhanced decision-making for revenue management teams

How self-service BI services are helpful to your organization

Convenient Data Access

A self-service business intelligence solution enables your employees to access required real-time data and reports anytime without having to depend on IT or MIS teams or Data Scientists for their reports.

Faster Decision-making

Using self-service BI tools, the employees do not have to wait for the skilled crew to obtain and combine multiple types of data from various siloes. This results in a faster decision-making.

Single Version of Truth

Self-service BI ensures that irrespective of the number of systems in an organization, everyone uses the same version of data. This maintains a consistency in analytics and reporting.

Higher Productivity

Since self-service BI does not require business users to have technical knowledge to create reports, it minimizes IT personnel involvement. The IT staff can then invest the available bandwidth in more complex tasks.

Cost Saving

It is a more cost-effective solution than traditional BI. It brings down the need for additional IT staff. This results in significantly lower support and maintenance costs.

Our clients bet on Acuvate

What makes Acuvate a trusted partner for Self Service BI?

Customized Service

Self-service BI strategy varies from one organization to another. Each business has its own set of challenges based on requirements. Your partnership with Acuvate can help you with customized solutions according to your business goals.

Chatbot Assistance

Acuvate also offers BI chatbots which further cuts down dependency on IT department and makes data-access even more convenient using AI-based Natural Language Queries like “ Show me Bottom 5 products for a specific region”.

Advanced Dashboards

Its interactive and intuitive dashboards are powered with advanced data visualizations. Decision-makers will have the flexibility to track KPIs in different types of chart formats like charts, pie-graphs, trees etc accessible over multiple device formats like Tablets and Mobile.

Maintenance Support

Acuvate offers you a complete range of maintenance services to ensure an enhanced self-service BI experience so that you continue to receive the right information at the right time.

Domain Prowess

Acuvate’s experience includes more than 50 implementations of BI and analytics solutions. Our strategic partnership with top BI firms like Microsoft, Birst and Qlik make us a more trusted partner.

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