Compass helps you in an actionable trade spend analysis and to profitably optimize your trade spend

Compass’ advanced trade spend analytics lets you measure promotion effectiveness and recommends the right promotions to be run.

Many organizations lack the visibility and capability to measure & analyze the performance of their trade promotions, which is a must-have in a fast-moving CPG business. This is a primary reason trade promotions often fail to generate expected ROIs.

Compass helps in an effortless and actionable Trade Spend Optimization and recommends the right budget and resource allocation for of all your trade promotions. It helps you gives data-backed recommendations and forecasts to ensure a higher ROI and profitability.

How Compass a large CPG company maximize returns on its trade promotion investments

Major advantages of data cleansing

Measure your trade

Measure Your Trade Promotions

You get a clear visibility of how your trade promotions and campaigns are faring and if the promotion investment is generating the expected ROI.
Get a historical analysis of spend ROI of past promotions and equips you with the necessary information to craft an effective spend strategy in future.

Better Future Planning

Better Future Planning

An efficient trade spends analysis software projects the future revenue, volume, cost, profit for various promotions based on internal data like past promotion, sales, and external data like syndicated data future events, weather patterns.

Faster and Better Decisions

Faster and Better Decisions Without Too Many Spreadsheets

Using all the right and accurate information, you can make informed decisions with respect to budget allocation, promotional channels, campaign planning etc. Since the information is available real-time without spreadsheets, your decisions will be quicker.
With a clear view of trade promotion spend performance across segments and channels, you can identify the performing and non-performing SKUs, retailers, locations, products and determine the spend-allocation for future more efficiently.

Spend Optimization

Spend Optimization

A TPO solution helps you to optimize your spend by helping you get maximum revenue from minimum promotional spend. You can achieve this by projecting various promotion combinations and identifying the best promotion combination. Run what-if analyses based on constraints like Budget, No of weeks a promotion needs to run and objectives

ex: for a specific region or for maximizing profit or revenue or volume etc.. Get recommendations on which promotions to run where and when.

Why you can count on Compass as a trade spend analysis solution

Customizable Parameters

Every organization has a unique set of trade promotion goals. Compass allows you to set constraints like Budget, No of weeks a promotion needs to run, and specify objectives for maximizing profit, revenue, retailer margin or volume etc. This helps you meet your specific trade promotion objectives.

Chatbot Support

Chatbot Support

Business adoption of any TPx solution is a huge challenge. Compass enables better adoption by simplifying information-access with the help of chatbots. You can interact with them and get real-time relevant, accurate and actionable insights related to your trade promotions without navigating windows or drilling down dashboards.

Efficient Spend Analysis

Efficient Spend Analysis

Compass allows you to track key promotion KPIs like growth percent sales uplift percent, ROI etc. and do a comparative analysis of promotions of  the desired time periods.

Analysis and Recommendations

Analysis and Recommendations

Compass uses advanced analytics and machine learning to help you recommend the right promotions at the right time and place for the right location for a profitable trade spend ROI.

Our clients bet on Acuvate

Results and Revenue Generated

Increase in primary sales by 3% and secondary sales by 12%

Increase in Marketing ROI
by 3%

Increase in market share
by 2%

Decrease in Marketing costs
by 5%

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