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Unlock the value of data

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Information is the oil of the 21st, and analytics is the combustion engine -gartner

Even though consumer goods and surrounding industries generate large amounts of data every second, the data captured and harnessed by most tools is very limited.

Acuvate’s COMPASS increases the accuracy of your decision-making by capturing big data from multiple sources and transforms it into meaningful analysis with advanced analytics.

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Most BI and analytics softwares of CPG, Retail and Food and Beverage Industries are feeded with data from limited sources and thereby don’t give you a 360° view of reality during decision-making. COMPASS is a top big data analytics software which leverages data from multiple influencing factors and consumer touch points.

We also provide Master data integration, report factory and support, BI architecture and warehousing services to achieve the 5Vs of Big Data for your organization.

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Big Data Analytics Software For Retail, CPG and Food and Beverage