Business Intelligence Architecture and Data Warehousing Services.

Acuvate’s Business Intelligence services help you build the right and customized BI architecture and data warehouse.

Building a robust BI architecture involves different strategies and standards to ensure the system fits your business needs. The implementation and success all your  BI projects depend on the effectiveness of your BI architecture and data warehouse.

The right BI architecture and data warehouse act as a centralized foundation and seamlessly groove in the different development efforts involved in your ongoing BI projects.

We provide a full range of DW/BI architecture design, development and support services right from consulting to strategy, chalking out data architecture, ETL design, In memory cubes, management reporting system, AI-Powered analytics etc.

Our approach to BI architecture and Data warehousing services include:

  1. Kimball Methodology: Bottom-up and Top-down approach to Data warehouse design & development
  2. Dimensional modelling to build data lake
  3. Create operational data store and build ETL packages to extract and load data
  4. Identify the types of data to be extracted and integrates
  5. Identify business KPI and KPI drivers
  6. Assess the existing reporting system based on user interviews.

We create relevant data models for different functions like sales, marketing, HR that you can make critical business decisions more effectively.

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Our Other Related Business Intelligence Offerings

Mobile BI

We enable the CXOs and management to get instant access to critical KPIs via mobile so that they are always updated on the performance of the business.

Report Factory Model

We understand that each role in the management hierarchy has different reporting needs. We build personalized reports to users based on their role.

Data Quality

We help you identify erroneous data, improve its quality by cleansing maintain data consistency in the master data. This increases data-accuracy paving the way for more accurate decisions.

Data Integration

We help you integrate data from internal and external data sources and get a unified view of data. Take decisions with a 360-degree view of reality.

Self-service Reporting

We help you implement self-service BI and reporting using tools like Power BI, Birst, Qlik Sense etc. BI democratization reduces the dependency on your IT department and accelerates the decision-making process.

AI-Powered Analytics

Discover hidden trends, insights and generate actionable recommendations from your data with our machine learning and advanced analytics services.

Our clients bet on our Mobile BI Solutions

What you should choose Acuvate fo BI Architecture and data warehouse consulting services

Intelligent Dashboards

Our dashboards are powered with advanced visualizations and are interactive. They allow you to drill down on KPIs and consume data effortlessly and leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics to make recommendations.

Domain Expertise

We are a strategic partner with some of the leading BI solution providers like Microsoft, and Birst. Our experience includes several BI and analytics implementations across continents covering verticals such as CPG, Manufacturing, Insurance and Financial Services.


We ensure to deliver scalable solutions and add emerging BI capabilities as and when needed.

Our industry expertise

Compass is Acuvate’s AI-powered Trade Promotion Optimization solution built for Consumer Goods and Retail Businesses. Acuvate leverages its Mobile BI expertise to help revenue management and field sales teams seamlessly access promotion data and reports across devices.

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