Compass helps organizations with timely business insights and improved employee productivity using mobile BI

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Compass enables you to conveniently keep track of your business KPIs by connecting you with your data on mobile devices

We live in a mobile world. Decision-makers use multiple devices in their daily work routine. Travelling or working from a remote location shouldn’t stop them from leveraging data for making critical business decisions.

Top management and field sales teams need seamless access to timely information on the go.

Compass helps you strategize and implement mobile BI solutions across a range of devices and platforms. We build mobile-friendly reports and dashboards.

Our Customers Around The World

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Revenue Performance

Learn how Compass helped a Consumer Goods organization increase revenue by empowering its field sales team with mobile BI

How Our Mobile BI Solutions And Services Help You

Mobile Reporting
KPI tracking for CXOs

CXOs can use mobile BI to access key KPIs and monitor business performance. This helps them detect any business challenge at an early stage and address it before it is too late.

Report Consistency
Improved BI Adoption

Mobile BI makes data consumption simpler for employees. Our Mobile BI create a culture of analytics and increase BI adoption across the firm.

Business Intelligence Chatbots

In addition to mobile apps, we also build BI chatbots to help you access data via natural language questions. BI bots reside as a contact in your actively used messaging apps and further simplify data consumption.

Collaboration (1)
Improved Decision-making

Mobile BI facilitates a quicker decision-making process with the most updated data. Thereby you can take more accurate and fact-based decisions.

Localization Of Reports
Embedded BI for Field Sales Team

It is a great help for the field employees working at remote locations, for example, as sales teams. It empowers them with all the required information they need on the move. We help build embedded BI into field sales mobile apps for last mile connectivity.

What you should build your mobile BI solutions with Compass

Advanced Dashboards

Custom Dashboards

Compass helps you build interactive custom HTML5 dashboards for tabs and mobile devices.

Domain Prowess

Domain Expertise

We have experience in implementing more than 50 BI and analytics implementations for our clients. We are a strategic partner with some leading BI companies. Having worked with CPG, Manufacturing, Insurance and Finance companies.



Our BI solutions are future-proof. They can easily adapt to the changing business landscape and you can scale them to continue to meet your needs as your organization grows bigger.

Our industry expertise


Compass is Acuvate’s AI-powered Trade Promotion Optimization solution built for Consumer Goods and Retail Businesses. Acuvate leverages its Mobile BI expertise to help revenue management and field sales teams seamlessly access promotion data and reports across devices.

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