AI-Powered Retail Promotion Analytics

Measure the effectiveness of your promotions and run intelligent promotions that matter.

Leverage data to reach the right customer at the right time with the right promotion offer. Start revenue acceleration and grow margins today.

Retail Promotion Analytics

Promotions are one of the most significant initiatives that impact the retailer’s performance and profitability and margins. However, most promotions don’t yield the maximum bang for the buck and inaccurately measured.

Acuvate’s Compass is a top retail promotion analytics software which leverages advanced analytics to

  1. Measure the effectiveness of your past and ongoing promotions
  2. provide actionable recommendations for optimization.
  3. give accurate forecasts for the future.

Are You Facing These Key Business Challenges During Retail Promotion Analysis?

How to determine if a promotion is successful?

What are the key metrics to calculate retail promotion effectiveness?

Promotion calendars are tracked on different spreadsheets, POS data is a different system. How can I leverage data when it is being stored in siloed systems?

How is my promotion affecting the basket size?

How to optimize my promotions based on any upcoming holidays or major events?

What happens if I run B2G1 for 1 month and BOGO for 2 months?

Retail Promotion Analytics - Benefits

Retailers often face the challenge of measuring promotions’ effectiveness with the right key metrics and optimize them for the future. Questions like “Which promotions need to be run – where and when and for what time-period?”, “What is the correct promotion mix?”, “What is the right promotional product price?”, etc. are common. Compass is an intelligent retail promotion analytics software with which you can:

Get approximate ROI of future promotions by building “what-if” scenarios Measure the effectiveness of past promotions with the right metrics Get actionable recommendations for optimizing or running new promotions
Analyze data and reports in a single interface without having to switch different siloed data systems. Forecast demand and never go out-of-stock during promotions. Predict future sales
Get the optimal promotion mix Understand the impact of promotions on the basket and trips. Build a data-backed promotion calendar with granular insights

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