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Employee engagement has been a big driver in many organizations large and small. In Deloitte’s 2016 Global Human Capital Trends report, based on more than 7,000 responses in over 130 countries around the world, 85% respondents rated Engagement as Very Important/Important.Studies have shown how employee engagement benefits organization productivity. Kevin Kruse lists multiple of these research studies here.

People are more engaged when

  • They know the company listens to them.
  • They can see that they are making a difference to the goal.
  • They interact with others around them and exchange ideas
  • They are respected and rewarded for their contribution

Of the many ways of engaging employees, having them contribute to the growth makes the most sense to me. People within the company would be the best source of finding new ways to grow. It may be a revolutionary new idea or simply a better way of doing a day-to-day task, if ideas from the people in the company are captured and implemented, they are guaranteed to help in growth. With an innovation management solution, both employee engagement and growth aspects can be addressed.

  • Ideas from people across the company can be captured.
  • The solution can also allow others to interact with the idea through comments.
  • There can be gamification and leader boards built with points that are awarded to the interaction.
  • There can be a rewards and recognition mechanism set up around the process to recognise the contribution of the people.

From the management side

  • There can be teams to look into Ideas relating to a topic and category.
  • Ideas can go through a shortlisting procedure and the ideas which provide the best value to the organization can be implemented.
  • In addition, corporate challenges can be run inviting ideas on specific topic that are important to the company.
  • Acuvate’s idea management solution WAVE covers both the engagement and business areas to give you a great start on your innovation management Journey.

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