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“Compass data cleansing services have two goals – eliminate data errors and improve data quality”.

Having a large data holds little to no business value if the data is inconsistent and erroneous. Inaccurate data leads to incorrect reporting and business decisions. Data-intensive businesses face challenges in constantly maintaining consistent and accurate data across databases.

We help you in identifying erroneous data, enhancing the quality, removing duplicates and wrong entries. Our data cleansing services include data verification, standardization, de-duplication, validation, monitoring and everything in between.

Cleansing Services
Revenue Performance

How Compass helped a global CPG company increase sales and revenue by de-duplicating data and improving data quality

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Major Advantages Of Data Cleansing

Marketing And Retail Collaboration

Better Marketing and Sales Strategies

Compass master data combined with analytics provides various actionable consumer and market insights which are instrumental in creating effective marketing and sales strategies.

Customer Experience


Erroneous data can lead to irrelevant customer communication. Well-maintained databases can help you develop personalized customer engagement.

Data With Prescriptive


Since self-service BI does not require business users to have technical knowledge to create reports, it minimizes IT personnel involvement. The IT staff can then invest the available bandwidth in more complex tasks.

Retail Performance Analysis


It is a more cost-effective solution than traditional BI. It brings down the need for additional IT staff. This results in significantly lower support and maintenance costs.

How Compass Can Help You Improve Your Data Quality


Your business needs constantly change and evolve. Compass’s data quality services are scalable and can be upgraded according to the increasing business requirements.

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Trusted Partnership

We are a strategic partner with leading BI solution experts. We have experience of implementing more than 50 BI and analytics solutions.

Data Integration And Harmonization
Data Completeness

Enrich your database with missing information like first and last name, date of birth, contact details, city name based on zip code and vice versa, product attributes, images, specifications etc.

Real Time Pos Data Analysis
Data Integration and Consolidation

Siloed data is a major challenge for most enterprises today. We help you integrate and consolidate data from multiple internal and external databases to give a unified view of data.

Data Integration
Seamless Integration into your ERP systems

It is a more cost-effective solution than traditional BI. It brings down the need for additional IT staff. This results in significantly lower support and maintenance costs.

Reduced Dependency On Spreadsheets
Efficient Data Verification and Entry Process

Compass verifies data consistently on various parameters and reports how overall data is impacted by duplicate records. We also provide a Master Data Governance portal for data entry into multiple systems through forms and approval.

Our Industry Expertise


Acuvate’s Compass is an AI-powered trade promotion optimization solution built exclusively for CPG and Retail companies. Acuvate leverages its data cleansing and quality services to ensure decision-makers have access to high-quality trade promotion data.

We also enrich data quality by integrating unstructured and structured data from various internal and external sources.

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